Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I saw a little more than I wanted to...

There is a story behind this. So Saturday I actually got off work by 8. It was a miracle. I went to hang with Jared, Whitney, Nesha, and a few other I haven't seen in while. We back to Jared's house and I call Brad to see where the heck he is. He tells me that we need to stay at Jared's house for a surprise. When it comes to surprises with Brad and Brian, you don't what they'll come up with. So we hang out in Jared's house until I get a text from Brad that says to come outside. We go outside, it's cold by the way, and we wait, still waiting, until we see a car pull up and 4 motorcycle's behind it. Brian, Alex, Carson and someone else (i didn't know who) rode up on their motorcycles in speedos. Only 3 of them had speedos and one had a thong. I told my mom about this and she laughed pretty hard and simply said, "you gotta see some male butt action once in a while." Thanks mom, I didn't think you'd actually approve of me seeing some butt action before I got married. But I must say, it was a pretty funny surprise.

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  1. Sometimes the things that make your mom laugh make me laugh. As in, her sense of humor sometimes surprises me...I guess I'm used to my mom, who wouldn't find that funny. :) But she definitely is different from both my mom and myself; I'd be a little astonished if my daughter told me that! But that is what's good about being married into your family, I've learned to just laugh at that stuff more. Because it is pretty funny. I don't know what it is about guys feeling that everyone needs to see their butts. :)