Sunday, May 15, 2011


So I think it's about time I blog about Michigan. I had such a fun time hanging out with my dad and my brother's family. It was so good to see Delilah and James and just how cute they are. I really think they are the world's sweetest kids. Every night when Delilah went she would alway ask me when I was going to bed. I love that little girl. :) She's not so little anymore though. She grew up on me way too fast. As for James, he is the happiest baby I know. He has the sweetest smile and big blue eyes.

Delilah absolutely loves her grandpa. She loved playing with him in her room. She'd tell grandpa to stay in her room and then she come out and watching a movie. Then when grandpa came out she'd get mad and tell him to go back her room. She is a busy but very good girl.

This is how James is always smiling. It doesn't take much at to get him to smile. He loves to cuddle too. He's just way too cute!

On Monday night when were there, Colling, my dad, and I got to go to a Tiger vs. Yankees game. I've always loved sitting outside at baseball games. We sat pretty high up and this was view that we of the city from our seats. It's not the most spectacular city but it was still a lot fun to see.

I always love spending time with family. I had so much in Michigan and I hope to go back sometime soon.