Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I saw a little more than I wanted to...

There is a story behind this. So Saturday I actually got off work by 8. It was a miracle. I went to hang with Jared, Whitney, Nesha, and a few other I haven't seen in while. We back to Jared's house and I call Brad to see where the heck he is. He tells me that we need to stay at Jared's house for a surprise. When it comes to surprises with Brad and Brian, you don't what they'll come up with. So we hang out in Jared's house until I get a text from Brad that says to come outside. We go outside, it's cold by the way, and we wait, still waiting, until we see a car pull up and 4 motorcycle's behind it. Brian, Alex, Carson and someone else (i didn't know who) rode up on their motorcycles in speedos. Only 3 of them had speedos and one had a thong. I told my mom about this and she laughed pretty hard and simply said, "you gotta see some male butt action once in a while." Thanks mom, I didn't think you'd actually approve of me seeing some butt action before I got married. But I must say, it was a pretty funny surprise.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

How did they know?

Don't you love it when you here something that you need to hear? You seem to say to yourself, "How did they know?" I went to a farewell this morning and I heard a song and phraze in the song was something I really needed to hear. Knowing me, I started to cry, big suprise there. It was just one of those awesome Sunday's. :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I'm so excited that it's finally fall weather. I was at work today and when the baggers came in, they were covered in water from the rain. I was so jealous! I love the rain. I'm so excited for Halloween and Thanks Giving. Also, 23 DAYS till my birthday!!!! :)   

Friday, October 1, 2010


I can't believe that it's October already, but I'm so excited for the cool weather. But most of all I'm excited for my birthday which is in 28 days! :) I can't believe I'll be turning 19. It seems like yesterday I was turning 16 and getting lisence. I can't believe everything that has happened since then. It's just crazy.